Dr.Francis Mwangangi wa Musyoka,

Dr.Francis Mwangangi wa Musyoka,  Ph. D Linguistics and Languages (University of Nairobi) , MA in Swahili Studies (University of Nairobi), B. Ed (Arts) University of Nairobi, Early Childhood Education (M.O.E) ,  PRISM (Primary School Management (M.O.E.) , Research Methodologies in Oral Literature – Kenya Oral Literature Association (KOLA) Dr. Mwangangi has  a vast experience in teaching and administration. He taught in Mulu High School and Machakos Boys High (1993-1994) after which he joined Nairobi University as a part-time lecturer in Department of Linguistics and African Languages. He was promoted to the position of tutorial fellow in the same department. He also served as a Senior Advisor to Schools in-charge of 3 Divisions of Nairobi Province-Kasarani, Embakasi and Kamukunji ,was also in charge of Kiswahili subject: City Education Department, Nairobi City Council (1998-2004)  Currently, Dr.Mwangagi is a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and Communication at South Eastern Kenya University. (SEKU) Dr. Mwangangi has also contributed to literature in the following area:
1.  2011: Ph, D – University of Nairobi.     
  Thesis entitles: “An Analysis of the Woman in Gender      
  Role-play Dynamics in Kenyan Kiswahili Drama” 
 2.  1996: M.A. - University of Nairobi.                            
    Thesis entitled: “FanikatikaTamthiliaza Jay Kitsao”                                                           
 3.  1992: B.Ed (Hons) – University of Nairobi                              
 Thesis entitled: “Al Amin Mazrui Kama MwandishiwaUlimwenguwaTatu‟    
            Manuscripts awaiting publication
1.    Gender Inter-relations in Indigenous African   Cultures: The Facts and Myths 
2.    Gender Role-play Representation in Kenyan   Classical Kiswahili Literature - Acritique
3.    Women, Social Cultural  Factors and Food Security


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