The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, formerly the School of Liberal Sciences, admitted its first group of five students in the BA Social Work programme in May 2010. The School has grown tremendously to the current population of over 200 students spread across all the five campuses namely, Main, Kitui town, Machakos, Wote, and Mtito Andei.
Established to provide quality, transformative, interdisciplinary, and practical education in arts, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences, the school constantly monitors trends and developments at national, regional, and international levels and keeps abreast of the needs of its customers. The school trains and equips students for diverse fields such as social work, communication, public service, international organisations, corporations, community organisations, non-governmental organisations, and academic and research bodies.
The School has three departments offering programmes at postgraduate, undergraduate, diploma and certificate levels. They are: Department of Sociology and Anthropology; Department of Linguistics and Communication; Department of Gender and Development Studies. In order to meet the growing demand and changing needs, we plan to create two new departments, including splitting the current Department of Linguistics and Communication into two.
The School’s academic programmes are designed to integrate discipline specific and general education courses. The discipline-specific courses are designed to equip students with knowledge, skills, and competencies in their chosen field of study. The general education courses, on the other hand, set the foundation of higher education curriculum and provide a coherent intellectual and social experience for all students regardless of their programme of study. Students graduating with any of the degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences are, therefore, fully equipped to work in diverse areas of the economy. Delivery of the curriculum is flexible and is done during regular hours, evenings, and weekends. The School also has mentorship programme, intended to benefit both students and staff.
The School has adopted appropriate strategies and procedures for achieving and maintaining high standards in teaching, learning and research. The school has well qualified and inspirational student-focused faculty, who, in addition to teaching, are actively involved in research. The fieldwork component enables students to take part in a research process, sharpen their skills, and experience, firsthand, knowledge creation.


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